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Veterinary Assistant Program

This is a comprehensive training program that usually requires 12 weeks to one year to complete. Google Meets with the instructor are optional and all lessons are recorded so the course can be completed at your own pace. The average time to complete material is 4-6 hours per week, and the recommended time at an externship is 4 hours per week. Students have up until one year to complete the course and students have the option to do their externship after the course. The course will grant you a Veterinary Assistant Program Certificate & Pet First Aid CPR Certificate. In addition to the hands-on externship, this will make you a competitive contender when applying to your first job. The program has a curriculum guided by the veterinary assistant skill checklist from NAVTA, National Association for Veterinary Technician's in America. If you are not ready to dedicate years of time and money to a college degree just yet, then this is the course for you. You may register for the course at any time and students will be completing the course at different paces.

Free Webinar

On the last Wednesday of each month, from 8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m EST, we host a free webinar. This webinar is for you to ask general questions about pursuing a career or education in the animal/veterinary industry. You may also ask questions about the courses offered here to see if one is right for you.

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Other Courses

  • Pet CPR & First Aid

    This course is great for pet owners as well as those already involved in a pet care business. Every pet owner should know what to do in the event of an emergency. Dog walkers, pet sitters, and groomers; this certification will give pet owners the reassurance that you've been professionally trained to handle an emergent situation. This course is included in the veterinary assistant program.

  • Dog Groomer & Dog Trainer

    The dog groomer & dog trainer programs are geared toward students who would like to work under an established groomer or trainer, or someone who would like to start their own business. Both programs recommend an apprenticeship to gain more hands-on experience. Many states do not require official licenses or permits to be a groomer or trainer, but be sure to research the requirements for your state. Both of these courses include the Starting a Pet Service Business course.

  • Starting a Pet Service Business

    If you have some experience and you are thinking of starting a business, then Starting a Pet Service Business is a course that will give you the fundamental steps you need. While each state and each business may require different steps, we will walk you through the basics and help you figure out the next steps until the doors to your business are open. The instructor has started a dog daycare & boarding business and would love to help you on your journey.

Instructor Bio

Hello my fellow animal lovers! I began working as a veterinary assistant in 2009 and I have been a licensed veterinary technician since 2012. I have worked in general practice and emergency/specialty clinics for the majority of my career. I went on to pursue a master's degree in vocational education and I have been teaching veterinary assisting, pet first aid, & CPR courses to adults & high school students for over 6 years, both in schools and online. My most recent endeavor was starting a dog daycare & boarding business. Teaching quickly became my new passion. I truly love to help my students pursue their careers with animals and to see them succeed. I have managed veterinary hospitals and have been in charge of hiring and training the staff, so I know exactly what employers are looking for. There is a misconception that you need to study at a large university and pay thousands in tuition to start working in this field. Please do your research based upon your state, country, or jurisdiction, but this is usually far from the truth. Thankfully, entry-level careers in the animal industry do not require such an investment, but the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to "get your foot in the door" if you don't know where to start. An employer is going to look at the quality of the program you completed by showing them your skills and knowledge and how you apply the two at your first working interview. These courses are accessible from anywhere, at any time, so if you are balancing other responsibilities in life or transitioning careers, you can finish them at your own pace. The duration of the course can be as personable or as distant as you choose, I am here to adapt to all of my student's needs and expectations. Last but not least, I made this course affordable so that you can save thousands of dollars in tuition and put that toward pursuing your education or starting your own business, if you decide to do so.